Purchase / return of used, completely emptied IBC containers

We will take your used, contaminated, completely emptied, cleaned IBCs quickly and easily and offer you an above-average price for them.

With regard to the return of IBC containers, the basic procedure is as follows:

1. Test cleaning
In order to check whether we will be able to clean your containers, we need to look at the safety data sheet of the previous components or product groups and/or, in the first step, a few photos of the IBCs.
After checking the safety data sheets or photographs, a test cleaning is performed using 24 plastic IBCs.
After the cleaning has been performed and our cleaning protocol has been fulfilled, we will prepare a commission offer for you.

2. Subsequent cleaning
If possible, we will be happy to take back larger quantities, preferably 24 – 60 IBCs. If the amount accumulates in the future, contact us by phone or e-mail and we will arrange to pick them up.
After the cleaning has been carried out, the cleaning result will be sent to you with a request for an invoice. The agreed commission will then be paid.

We would also be happy to carry one for you full cleaning by .

If you have other preferences regarding the procedure and modalities, we will be happy to find an individual solution together with you.

The Cleaning systems are audited by the Federal Institute for Materials Testing (BAM) through a monitoring contract.
A 2.5 year test according to Q SM 29 carried out and a monitoring report after GG-001 created. Our cleaning locations are spread across Germany.