We buy and sell all common pallet designs, e.g. B.

Euro pallets

The stable Euro pallets can be exported worldwide, are EPAL-certified and can therefore be exchanged internationally. Stable, robust, resilient, accessible from 4 sides, corresponds to the IPPC / ISPM15 guidelines.

Single-use pallets

A good alternative to Euro pallets of durable solid wood quality according to the IPPC standard.

Plastic pallets

ideal for international shipping in all common sizes, accessible from four sides.

Chemistry pallets

for the requirements of the chemical industry, made of wood, with 3 runners, VCI / APME building standard.

Usually, our company provides a refund for taking back recyclable packaging. Allpack GmbH has been part of the packaging industry for years. Thanks to our close cooperation with various companies, we are able to act on your behalf throughout Europe in terms of take-back and sale of various packaging. For example, Chemie-Umweltberatung und Service e.K. has been a closely collaborating partner of Allpack GmbH for many years. Our comprehensive range of services offers the possibility of a complete solution!

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